Yesterday I went to Dun Laoghaire Co. Dublin with a friend. It’s by the sea and we walked to a part of the pier where seals often gather but they weren’t there…they probably prefer to hang around when the small fish shop in that particular location is open. Maybe they get leftovers or something. Savvy seals! Then we walked to a shop that has a most beautiful array of tropical fish and admired them with awe. Those colours! Those shapes! Such beauty. I would love to keep some ‘neon tetras’ sometime. They are mentioned in my novel ‘Wise Follies’. Had a lovely creamy cappuccino streetside afterwards. The cafe was ‘delicious’. Jazzy type music. Reminded me of California days though it did not smell of cinnamon…an aroma that was highly favoured in the Bay Area. Went to the film ‘Coco Before Chanel’ later. Very nice.

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From R. Griffith on Amazon called ‘Chick Lit With Depth’: ‘I have now read all of GWJ’s books and have been utterly impressed by every single one. I had never heard of her before I spotted one in my local market town shop and bought it on impulse. As with all chick lit (and all genres, let’s face it) there is always a formula somewhere but she writes with such feeling and insight…Certain elements crop up in all her books (windsurfing, budgies, biscuits and hands being just a few) but they flow beautifully, the settings are eloquent and the characters richly realised. Relationships are explored with genuine depth and humour and even if you’re not a fan of love winning out in the end you really wish you were….These will remain on my book shelf and I will send them to others as newly purchased presents. Beautiful and more please. ‘

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