Ordinary Miracles

It only takes ordinary miracles to change your life.

Ordinary Miracles new edition 2007

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‘For us #divorcees – I thought the book covered the emotional roller coasters really well, humor is a must during those times and I felt Grace got the balance just right!’ Five star Amazon review ‘This novel grabbed me from the first sentence..a captivating #read which is so, so close to the bone sometimes’ 5* review ‘Funny, heartwarming and special’ Marian Keyes ‘that rare combination of depth, honesty and wit’ OK MAGAZINE ‘humour and the self-mockery of her heroine makes it both funny and touching’ TIMES LITERARY SUPPLEMENT
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It only takes ordinary miracles to change your life.

Jasmine Smith: forty next month and not ready for it; married to a man she likes and not prepared to give up on love; smothered by life’s mundanity, and yet drawn towards its mystery. She wants the sort of love that makes her feel more alive, she wants wild sex in stalled lifts with film stars. She wants something else….

Jasmine Smith is in desperate need of a miracle. And with the help of an adventurous school friend, a man called Charlie and a pig called Rosie she is about to find one.

A sharp, funny, moving novel and an exhilarating invitation to step out of quiet desperation and re-discover the magic in life and in love.

‘Wonderfully dry…I really enjoyed it.’ Catherine Alliott

‘Beautiful, tender and funny, written with great perception…a remarkable novel.’ Katie Fforde

‘The belly-laugh being a rare enough commodity on this planet, this promises to be one of my favourite novels of the year…very very funny.’ In Dublin

‘Funny, heartwarming and special.’ Marian Keyes

‘Grace Wynne-Jones writes up a storm of wit in her first novel…a fine new writer.’ RTE GUIDE

‘Ordinary Miracles has that rare combination of depth, honesty and wit…and all of this backed by a deliciously soft, gentle and loving humour…If you try one new author, try Grace Wynne-Jones.’ OK MAGAZINE

‘She has an assured style and a wonderful insight into the separated lady’s lot…I couldn’t put it down. I literally read it from cover to cover.’ Muriel Bolger, ‘No Jacket Required’ RTE RADIO ONE

‘A delight of love, laughs and starting again…which is very far from ordinary.’ Yvonne Roberts

‘Ordinary Miracles is about relationships and love and sex and a little bit of guilt. Jasmine is a worried and witty heroine…an engagingly high-spirited and perceptive debut.’ THE IRISH INDEPENDENT

‘Wynne-Jones’s sense of humour and the self-mockery of her heroine makes it both funny and touching.’ TIMES LITERARY SUPPLEMENT

“I enjoyed it very much.” Shakti Gawain

‘Since Rosie [the pig] is not around, I’ve taken to talking to Teddy. My husband’s a liar and my daughter thinks she may be a lesbian, I tell him. My marriage is over and I’m too scared to get involved with anyone else – even though there’s another man who’s probably perfect for me.’

‘Wynne-Jones’s novel gives us a hilarious, exhilarating and sometimes poignant insight into the life of Jasmine Smith in her forty-first year, whose husband Bruce satisfies his lust in the marital bed with a family friend, and then begs forgiveness.

Jasmine moves out of the family home into lodgings, where she finds a sympathetic ear in Charlie, her new landlord, and a pig called Rosie. Supported by her friend Susan, Jasmine experiments in widening what she feels was her mundane lifestyle. Daughter Katie, who has left home to study and do voluntary work in a dog’s home, gives Jasmine further problems to consider. Susan and Jasmine take an ‘alternative holiday’ to Ibiza.

On their return home, Jasmine at last realises what and who she wants to share her life with…There are few who will not empathise with the characters within Ordinary Miracles; an excellent read and eloquently written.’ (Full review from Norma Penfold) A review from www.gwales.com, with the permission of the Welsh Books Council.