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14th July 2009

My name is Honey Morenzo and I’ve been asked to occasionally contribute to this website. I’m not getting paid for my contributions but I hope that it will give me some practice in writing stuff.
There are two teddies on my desk….actually it’s not a ‘desk’ as such…it’s a large table…and both of them (the teddies) are staring at me hopefully. One of them is wearing an Aran jumper. I already feel a little tired after typing these words. Perhaps I should take a little break and have one of those creamy biscuits I put in the freezer. I hoped they would take time to thaw and therefore be unavailable for immediate consumption, but they don’t seem to freeze for some reason. I will have pea soup for lunch.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Back at laptop after having watched Oprah Winfrey during lunch. She was talking about American Country Music. There were lots of cheery people singing sad songs.

This writing lark takes practice. I recently went to a creative writing course and was all ooomphed up about it for a while. Bought a new pen and swanky notepad and put on blue scarf. Tried to ‘woo’ my creative side with cappuccinos and mild flirtations with Italian waiters.

Am I finding my authentic voice? The teacher said that’s what we had to do. She also said cherish the details and less can be more. She falls in love with her characters sometimes. I’m hoping that, as I type this, some gorgeous sensitive hunk is going to introduce himself to me. I will not make him a yoga teacher. Been there done that wanted to take off the t-shirt. It happened in Greece.

I really miss not having a cat.

Need to take rest from writing now. I am clearly not in the ‘zone’. Also need to handwash bra…


Another thing she said…the teacher…was that we should introduce characters at an interesting juncture in their lives.

Juncture is an interesting word. It’s not something one says very often is it? Tad…that’s another word I like. They use it in upmarket American sitcoms. And chiaroscuro. Must look that one up.

I know loads of eager people who say that a new paradigm of consciousness is emerging on the planet. I go to workshops. I discuss that kind of thing. I meditated this morning and stared at a candle.

Think I may go and get another biscuit.

I am nearly forty. I have an imaginary home in Provence with hens, lavender, a horse, large cream cups and sunflowers. Typing this has meant I have missed Wogan’s Total Recall. Have just received an email from someone wanting to sell me replica watches.

Tried to Google my first love yesterday but I don’t think he is an Engineer in Texas…a male escort or a someone who’s really keen on low carbon emissions. His name was listed many times, but not him. Perhaps it’s just as well. Don’t know what I’d say to him anyway. And meeting him again wouldn’t please Tanbo. That is the unlikely name of my occasional boyfriend. We met in Argos. If I hadn’t wanted a swanky new kettle I would never have known he existed. The main thing we have in common is the belief that the world us undergoing some vast sort of transformation. He’s into quantum physics and bakes large quantities of bread which he sells as markets. Before the recession he was in marketing. He sometimes camps in the wilds and chants in Sanskrit. And he’s big into ‘orbs’.

One of these days I’m going to have to tell him to do something about his nose hair.

To be whole let yourself be partial. Wise person said this. Must look up quote on Google for attribution.

I work for a publishing company.. It sounds interesting but it isn’t. I’m an assistant to Roderick Organza Treadmull who keeps getting me to type letters to poor authors telling them their book isn’t ’suitable for our list’. I sometimes dab a bit of aromatherapy oil on this bleak correspondence. Occasionally I add a little x after his signature too. Roderick really put me off writing for ages. Somehow he found out that I was doing a creative writing course and said he’d “love” to look at my scribblings. He has a bit of a wandering eye does Roderick. He arrives in the office in his leather motorbike gear and puts on the Pet Shop Boys at full volume.
He doesn’t know I know his middle name.

Must go ‘cos Tanbo is at the door to take me to a meeting about dolphin communication.



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