Writing Workshops and the allure of the Miniature Schnauzer


I sometimes give writing workshops and I’ve met many lovely people at these gatherings. It is a joy to hear them read out their stories. There is a great deal of writing talent around. I get plenty of evidence of this at the workshops. Some of the poignant stories have moved me to tears and others have caused splutters of laughter. Beautiful poems are sometimes shared. And evocative descriptions of bygone days sometimes have a deliciously skittish touch. It is like a glorious patchwork and we clap after each story has been read out. That sense of playfulness is so important.

I’ve recently given some writing workshops at Blanchardstown Library and they have been great fun. The writers who have attended them are a wonderful bunch. Their writing is very diverse…and very entertaining. One of them, Sharon MacDonald, has written a book called ‘Professional Betrayal’. It’s available on www.PublishAmerica.com and www.Amazon.co.uk. I encourage you to Google it to find out more about it. It sounds like a thrilling tale! I’m looking forward to getting my own copy.

Writing Workshops can be helpful, but joining a supportive Writers’ Group can also really encourage you to develop as a writer. I joined one years ago and the encouragement I received was crucial and I am very grateful for it.

By the way, there’s a robin who visits my little garden and now chirps when he wants to be fed.
He’s a perky little fellow and fairly tame. I miss having a pet and my novels often feature animals…including a very charming pig called Rosie (she’s in ‘Ordinary Miracles), a budgie who likes saying ‘bollocks’ (‘Wise Follies’), a cocker spaniel (he’s in ‘Ready Or Not?’) and a brief but important appearance of a horse called Blossom (in ‘The Truth Club’).

I recently interviewed someone for an article about past life regression and a miniature schnauzer was in attendance. Her head was on my lap as I was making my notes. There was something about her that was just…well…gorgeous. She was sweet, sensitive and very much her own dog. When I left she actually stood in the doorway looking at me, in the manner of an affectionate hostess.



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3 Responses

  1. sharon says:

    Hi Grace

    Thank you SO much for the kind words! And for mentioning my book on your website! When you first told me you were going to do it I was very surprised and delighted. I am honoured too, and can’t thank yu enough.

    The launch of the ‘Phoenix Ink 2’ is at the library this thursday 13 Nov at 7pm. Last year and the year before were very successful, so we are hoping that it will be the same, if not better this year.
    We would be delighted if you were able to come. I do understand you are in demand, and I am hoping we will be lucky enough that you are free to come. Imagine…a REAL celebrity at our humble launch. What an honour that would be!

    Please keep in touch. If you need to contact me at any time, you can always get me on my cell: 0860616938

    The workshop was amazing, and I will never forget it. The two girls that had never really written before seemed so motivated to do more writing! That means you succeeded in what you set out to do. So awesome!

    Have a good weekend. I am sure you earned it.

    Love Sharon

  2. Susan Smith says:

    Hi there
    I read Sharon’s book: Professional Betrayal’. It is an intriguing story that had me weeping, laughing, and biting my nails. Well worth a read and something to share with friends – a lovely book to keep on your display table or bookshelf indeed. I am not parting with mine.

  3. Grace says:

    Hi Susan,

    Thanks so much for your comment. I’m so glad that you enjoyed Sharon’s book. I hope to get my own copy of it soon. Sounds like a great read!

    Warm wishes and gratitude,


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