‘Wise Follies’, Slug Relocation and Infatuations

MANY THANKS to readers who have kindly posted reviews of my books…so appreciated!

Bought some dahlia bulbs the other day in Lidl…must plant them sometime soon. Love those perky flowers!

Really enjoyed the documentary about will i am on the BBC the other evening…the great Joanna Lumley visited him in L.A. and got a peek into the will i am world. Very impressed by his philanthropy and originality.

Wrote about a pop singer called Laren Brassiere in ‘Wise Follies’. She isn’t the main character but is an important one. Great fun getting to know her…she has quite a funky attitude and dramatic stage presence. There is a budgie called Cyril in ‘Wise Follies’ who’s favourite word is “bollocks”.

In that book the main character, Alice, develops a huge crush on a pottery teacher called James Mitchel. I knew how to write about this kind of thing from direct experience. I once developed enormous admiration (and that’s putting it mildly) for a yoga teacher. Dear God, how eagerly I tried those Ashtanga yoga poses!

Found loads of slugs in the patio garden last night and need to relocate them to the park. Yes, I know this sounds a bit eccentric. I once worked for a month as a voluntary organic gardener in a Buddhist retreat centre. Let me tell you it was far from wafting around in a straw hat and sniffing lavender…it was quite hard work and I was often weirdly attired. There was a cupboard of left behind clothes and some of them were rather odd but very useful when I didn’t want to get too much mud on my own jumpers.

In that centre slugs were relocated. That may be where I got into the habit of relocating slugs.

Strange anecdote…went to a masterclass recently about writing for animation. It was part of the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival. Went to it in a bit of a dash and…discovered I had brought some slugs for relocation with me! Had meant to toss them into the park (it is mostly grass and trees) en route. Thank goodness the slugs were in a plastic container with air holes.

Have taken to eating far more vegetables lately. That’s good, the thing is I often feel in need of a bun afterwards.

Warm wishes and sparkles,


Re. Wise Follies:

‘Grace Wynne-Jones has a wicked sense of humour which enlivens every page…Alice and her friends, and her hilarious magazine assignments, at times leave the reader rocking with laughter.’ THE IRISH TIMES

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