Have Yourselves A Merry Little Christmas

Immensely grateful that the local supermarkets don’t seem to be playing those shouty ‘It’s Christmas!’ type songs quite so loudly…some of them have even opted for softer melodies. I am not a big fan of the festive season. The slogan ‘What would Jesus do?’ seems appropriate…I very much doubt that he would be fretting about whether he has enough wrapping paper. Thank goodness for masking tape! It makes concocting those parcels so much easier.(I don’t have a great relationship with sellotape.)

There are a number of things I do like about Christmas though, and one of them is buying holly. This tends to happen late on an ‘It’s Christmas I must buy stuff’ evening when I see someone carrying a bundle of that cheerfully berried foliage. “Where did you get it?” I enquire, because holly is in scant supply in the local shops. I bought the latest bunch in a local flower shop. The nice man tied a pretty red ribbon round the stems so that I could carry it without those ouches. It looks lovely in a big vase by the fireplace.

By the way…

I have heard some great things about  ‘My Future Husband’… the title of Karen Clarke’s first novel. Already published in Germany, it’s now available as an ebook from Amazon. It’s been called a ‘Time Traveler’s Wife for the light-hearted’ .Literary agent Lisa Eveleigh explains why she enjoyed it: 
‘How would you feel if, a month before your wedding, a man appears in your bedroom, claiming to be your soul-mate? This is Sasha’s dilemma. She’s in love, she has a good job running a catering company and she thinks her future is sorted out. Reluctantly she does set out to find Elliot, her visitor from the future, mainly because her best friend Rosie insists…….Elliott pops up at some very inconvenient moments, and Sasha discovers that although on first glance he is absolutely not her type, there is definitely a mystery to solve. This is a warm, charming and funny novel, with a good dash of romance and a satisfying magical twist.’   Sounds intriguing!  The Amazon link for it is

Hope to head into Dublin for a Solstice Celebration this evening…there may be some nice hot chocolate at the gathering! I must have a bath beforehand. (Adding some sea salt to a bath is very cleansing and uplifting…some drops of Juniperberry aromatherapy oil can also be relaxing….I have some in my aromatherapy burner as I write this.)

Hope that you have a lovely Solstice! It is such a special time of the year. Here’s a link to a wonderful Solstice Meditation. I liked it anyway! I have attended many Shamanic healing training sessions. Those ancient teachings contain so much wisdom

Do look after yourselves Sweeties. And as a former yoga teacher of mine used to say “Breathe as if your life depends on it”. (I had quite a crush on that yoga teacher…it was useful research for my novel ‘Wise Follies’ where Alice becomes besotted with a pottery tutor!)

Lots of love and light and sparkles,

Grace x

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