Looked up Amazon and saw that my novel ‘Ready Or Not?’ is a real Kindle bargain at the moment…only 0.37 pence! Love finding bargains myself (wow do I relish a good jumble sale) so thought I’d share the super saver offer!

Re. Church of Ireland jumble sales…for some reason they often have a ‘foot spa’ (or more than one) on sale. I know this because I have bought two of them. Kept them for a while and then gave them away.

Warm wishes and sparkles,


‘READY OR NOT?’ some reviews:

…this is one of the best Irish novels this year…The trip to Greece is steeped in olives and jasmine, cicadas and sunshine…readers will love the local gigolo, Dimitri. Grace writes with great humour…On a more serious note, her portrayal of friendship, commitment and the complexity of relationships is very real and most enjoyable.’ Evening Herald

‘I am a forty eight year old woman who loves books and I have read zillions in my life. My husband has never heard me laugh out loud as much or cried as I read “Ready or Not”. It was a fabulous read and I am now an avid fan of yours. So sad when the book ended but ready for the next one. Wonderful and beautifully written.’ Website Comment

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