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Tree love

Bus trip yesterday was greatly enhanced by my decision to draw people quickly. Went to a cartooning class last year and must practice drawing. Did drawing somewhat furtively in small notebook…don’t think ‘models’ noticed.

There is something very endearing about people’s backs and elbows, the slopes and the creases on their clothes…all those little sweet human details. I really liked the slightly balletic way one guy stood while waiting for his coffee…one leg lithely bent at an interesting angle as he leaned on the counter…yes did some drawing in a local Italian cafe too.

Very fond of that Italian cafe…it’s quite small and cosy and it’s especially nice if the sofa or armchair is free. They often play cavorting type Italian music and one can almost imagine that one is in Rome, even when it’s raining! Black and white photo of Sophia Loren on wall adds to ambiance. A great place to read draft chapters etc.

I want to talk French more often so, last Friday afternoon, joined a pleasant array of folk who talk French while walking around Dublin. They meet up for this purpose once a week. My francais is very rusty. Thankfully nice woman I chatted with was very tolerant.

Would love to visit Provence. Great fan of L’Occitane’s Lemon Verbena perfume but it’s rather expensive. (I once bought precious bottle of it duty free.) Frequently ‘sample’ it when I’m in one of their shops.

So impressed by the Winter Olympics skiers. Marvellously daring and bird-like in places. Those hunky cool dude snowboarders remind me of surfers. (Tried wind-surfing once on an alternative holiday. Not much wind but stayed upright on board for a wee while. Exhilarating! Some folks in ‘Ordinary Miracles’ go on an alternative holiday too.)

I brewed myself a cuppa of Marks and Spencer ‘Empress Grey’ tea a while ago. A little dubious of it when I bought it but it has a nice citrusy taste.

Warm wishes and sparkles,


‘…this is one of the best Irish novels this year…The trip to Greece is steeped in olives and jasmine, cicadas and sunshine…readers will love the local gigolo, Dimitri. Grace writes with great humour…On a more serious note, her portrayal of friendship, commitment and the complexity of relationships is very real and most enjoyable.’ Extract from review of ‘Ready Or Not?’ Evening Herald

‘I am a forty eight year old woman who loves books and I have read zillions in my life. My husband has never heard me laugh out loud as much or cried as I read “Ready or not”. It was a fabulous read and I am now an avid fan of yours. So sad when the book ended but ready for the next one. Wonderful and beautifully written.’ Website Comment

So grateful to the kind reviewers of my books! x

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