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‘If you try one new author, try Grace Wynne-Jones…that rare combination of depth, honesty and wit…and all of this backed by a deliciously soft, gentle and loving humour…’

Hi There,

Yesterday I went with a friend into the wilds of County Wicklow. I sat in the sunshine under a tree for quite a while. There was a stream nearby providing its own beautiful music. It reminded me of when I was a kid and lived in the countryside. I picked some blackberries. How lovely it was to be out in nature. To be reminded of its splendid colours and ordinary magic. The feel of the fresh air and the light. The rhythms of the earth and its seasons.

I was thrilled to be featured in the Herald Express last week – it’s a lovely Devon newspaper. I wrote the final chapters of The Truth Club while living in Devon. I used to particularly enjoy having cuppas and chats with friends in the Fat Lemon cafe in Totnes. It’s on Ticklemore Street…what a great name! It has a lovely courtyard so you can sit outside and talk about life’s mysteries….they do a lot of that in the ‘Alternative Capital of England’. But the uplifting effect of a good slice of chocolate cake has also often made its way onto the conversational menu.

Love and light,

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