Birds and Cherry Blossoms

My sweet pea seedlings are on a windowsill and some of the lavender looks like it’s perking up in the patio. The friendly robin now has a partner. Just this morning I saw the cutie pie giving a tasty morsel of food to his mate. This tender moment took place on my makeshift bird table. As for the small ceramic dish/bird bath, such splashings! I have to regularly top it up.

The ‘featured image’ is of perky pink blossoms in the local park.

Fiona Mcvie interviewed me for her blog a while ago and one of the questions was: ‘If your book was made into a film who would you like to play the lead?’ It’s nice to be asked such unlikely things! Here is the interview link if you feel like a gander (‘look or glance at something’ also ‘male goose’ ).

‘Pointless’ on the telly soon, I have become very fond of Alexander and Richard. Love the mixture of facts, dry humour and whimsy.

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