Stephen Fry and gorgeous creatures

I suppose it was only a matter of time before I realised how gorgeous Stephen Fry is. In a way I knew this before. I certainly admired him. But it is his interest in wildlife that has proved particularly endearing. The ‘Last Chance To See’ programmes on BBC2 are wonderful. In yesterday’s offering he and co-host Mark Carwardine were in New Zealand and an amorous and relatively tame Kakapo parrot tired to mate with Mark’s head having leapt determinedly onto his shoulders. (Google Youtube using key words if you want to watch it). As Stephen remarked, the parrot looked very happy. Mark was less delighted as the fairly large and passionate flightless bird had sharpish claws.

Stephen joked about Mark producing an egg. He hoped the offspring would be called after him. They both gazed at this dear and very rare creature with undisguised tenderness. Earlier on they had tramped through deep undergrowth looking for Kiwis. Last week they seemed besotted by newly hatched tiny turtles scampering towards the ocean…they were indeed very adorable. Stephen, it seems, has a big heart. That, combined with his many other attributes, makes him gorgeous. He is also delightfully honest. In one of the programmes he declared his dislike of camping. He missed so many things, including broadband. Even so he was prepared to rootle about in a large array of undergrowth for rare creatures.

When he and Mark were explaining some geographical and ecological matter using their breakfast fayre…toast featured prominently…Stephen drank his tea and apologised for having drunk the Indian Ocean.

One of the things that made this programme so special was that it was a fabulous alternative to the X Factor which would be so much nicer if it had more compassion, humour and warmth.

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