The X Factor and the rhino

Ordinary Miracles

Ordinary Miracles

‘The belly-laugh being a rare enough commodity on this planet, this promises to be one of my favourite novels of the year…very very funny.’ In Dublin re. ‘Ordinary Miracles’

Found some bargains in the supermarket today. Yippee. It’s great to find fancy food for half its usual price because it’s near the sell by date thingy. Had some lovely chicken samosas for lunch because of this. It’s a somewhat damp day. Loads of fallen pretty leaves in the local park. Glad that I have an open fireplace. One of these days must light a nice fire. It’s so cosy to sit beside it with a cuppa. I watched the X Factor results show last night and I took a break from it every so often to watch Stephen Fry help very rare rhinos on the BBC. This was a pleasing combination. Not one of the rhinos attempted to sing and they looked cute and so full of character in their own dear rhino way.

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