The Joy Of Low Expectations

There’s a lot to be said for sometimes doing various things that you don’t feel you have
to be good at. Instead of striving for excellence like wonderful Olympic athletes, a pottering about or ‘giving it a go’ approach can be playful and fun, even restful. I adopt this approach to numerous things, including drawing and doodling. So when a drawing is sort of good I’m very pleased and somewhat surprised, but even when it isn’t I love the feel of pen on paper, the play of lines and squiggles.

Before face masks and sanitiser I found cafes were a great place for drawing/doodling. I quickly sketched this engrossed fellow while waiting for a pal and a creamy cappuccino.

I have been learning a wee bit more about the tricky business of resizing photographs. Can be put to many uses, in this case I cropped out the parts that showed the house needed tidying!

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(Pixabay provided the featured image)

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