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A savvy website person has advised me to put more of my articles in the links part of this website…so I’ve added some of them. There are loads more to be added if I can find them on the Internet.

Yesterday a friend and myself got absolutely soaked when we met up in Bray for a cappuccino. The rain was akin to something in a tropical rainforest. It was a deluge and after a while I got used to stepping in the streams of water on the pavement…I wish I had worn gumboots! We sat together in a nice hotel and I went into the Ladies to dry various bits of clothing in the hand drier. Not many people were out shopping. It has been very rainy in Ireland recently. My pal and I wanted to get out on a Saturday afternoon. But I was very glad when we reached her flat. I borrowed some dry clothes and we watched a fun dvd (2 Days In Paris written and directed by Julie Delpy). I also bought a ‘fire log’ so we could have an open fire. In August!

Cheese and Onion crisps, Maltesers and digestive biscuits added to the cosiness. And nice big mugs of tea of course. We also had a lovely dinner. I felt like we’d had a sort of adventure. The Irish ‘monsoon’ cleared up later. It was almost summery again when I walked home. Bray is a seaside town. I really like living near the coast.

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