Podcast and Tomatoes

It has been quite a while since I’ve written a blog and I have yet to buy a new digital camera. Did find one quite a while ago in a charity shop only it turned out to be an old one and, apparently, the ‘card’ thing it needs…or whatever it’s called…is no longer on general sale. Don’t own a Smart Phone either. I have a very basic mobile phone which has a radio but not a camera. I have had some exploratory discussions about cameras and pixels etc in a camera shop.

Suspect I may own a Dongle. A very nice young man in a helpful computer place kindly put the thing on my laptop computer. Must find out what it is….

Once owned quite a fancy camera which required one to twiddle things and get pictures in focus etc. Taking a picture of anything was a small adventure.

So grateful for the autumn sunshine! Have the washing out and, hopefully, the home-grown tomatoes are ripening. Have picked quite a lot of them already. Thankfully realised that some of them are meant to be yellow. I think I read something about small yellow tomatoes when I bought the plant.

If you are in the mood for being read to here is a link to a podcast I recorded a while ago. Click here

Warm wishes and sparkles Sweeties,


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