Twittering and ‘The Truth Club’

I was twittering a bit today on Twitter. I retweeted some things I thought were interesting and also did a couple of tweets about my novel ‘The Truth Club’ as part of my ‘social media and the author’ learning curve. Was delighted when Very Successful Novelist and Lovely Lady, Katie Fforde, retweeted a five star Amazon review (for The Truth Club) that I’d twittered on about. I naturally thanked her and she tweeted back ‘I loved that book! xxx’

Thanks Katie!

Think I may fetch a McVitie’s Digestive Biscuit…

Biscuit fetched and eaten.

Drizzly weather out today.

Hope ‘Smoked Haddock & Salmon Chowder’ defrosts in time for dinner.

Bag of stuff I left out for recycling has, thankfully, been collected.

The Oscars (recorded) will be on Irish telly tonight. So great that the actress Brie Larson won a Best Actress Oscar for the film ‘Room’. I interviewed its Director, Lenny Abrahamson, for a radio documentary some years ago. I loved chatting with him, he was so insightful and friendly.

Warm wishes and sparkles,


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