Podcast and Sweet Peas

Hi Folks,

The weather is a bit warmer here today, though still rather chilly and prone to occasional hailstones. Currently wearing three charity shop bought sweaters. I have bought less clothes in charity shops lately because I have a large array of bargain clothes….want to get around to actually wearing the ones I like but have, strangely, hardly ever worn.

‘Shop in your wardrobe’ as the saying goes!

Planted some Sweet Pea seeds last Sunday and carefully placed them by the large kitchen window. Adore the summery scent of Sweet Peas! Haven’t seen a Bumble Bee in my patio garden for quite a while…a lovely big buzzy one made an appearance some weeks ago. Hope he/she comes back when it’s sunnier. I have a large Honeysuckle in my patio, like its fragrance and the soft hummy melody of visiting bees when it’s in flower.

Quite fancy making a Bread And Butter pudding one of these days and have marked the recipe in Darina Allen’s ‘Simply Delicious Food For Family & Friends’ cookery book.

Thought of shopping in Lidl yesterday but I was put off by the puzzlement it often evokes, was not in the mood for peering at ‘Slicone Cutter Cartridge Nozzles’, just wanted to buy some food. Lidl is great when you are in the mood for it though. Found some wonderfully warm navy tights there a while ago.

Have not yet visited Ikea…might need to bring a picnic.

If you are in the mood for being read to here is a link to a podcast I recorded a while ago, it includes a reading and an interview.

Warm wishes and sparkles Sweeties!


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