Gorgeous George Clooney And A Wonderful Gathering

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A little reminder that you can listen to the Tara radio documentary I made if you click on the relevant icon at the right hand side of this page. Tara is a wonderful place. I really would encourage you to visit that beautiful Hill. It has been called Ireland’s Acropolis.

Anyway…a little while ago I wrote an article for an Irish newspaper called The Evening Herald about a book called ‘Simply Irresistible The Art of Seduction’. It’s by a top U.K. psychiatrist called Dr Raj Persaud and is about ‘How To Find And Keep Your Perfect Partner’. It contains a lot of fascinating information. Apparently loads of psychologists have been doing seduction research. Basically it’s about the psychology of attraction. When I chatted with Dr Persaud he asked me to imagine I was ‘seducing’ a Hollywood hunk and then he coached me about what to say to him. To be truthful, it didn’t sound that romantic to me. But it was also most intriguing! I mentioned Jeff Bridges to him but in the article I wrote ‘let’s pretend I said George Clooney’. After all George is single! And George is gorgeous. Anyway last Saturday, when I looked at the paper, I found myself pictured with George beside the article…oh the wonders of modern technology. He was holding an Oscar and I was wearing a large pink shawl and leaning against him. The truth about this photo. of myself is that it was taken when I was leaning against a tree – it was for another article and taken some years ago. I look rather contented in it because I love trees. If I did meet George I would tell him that ‘Ordinary Miracles’ features an adorable pig called Rosie as one of the characters. After all he was besotted with his pet pig. He knows about porcine charisma.

Anyway I had a good laugh about the photo of George and myself, and then I went off to a special Gathering. Some wonderful Shamans from the High Andes of Peru were in Dublin to share some of their wisdom and healings. John Cantwell and Karen Ward organised the Gathering. It was such a privilege to sit with these immensely wise ‘Qero’ people. They have so much to teach us Westerners. How they love Mother Earth. And they have such a beautiful connection with Great Spirit. They know so much about love and joy and healing. And they have beautiful big smiles! A gorgeous playfulness sometimes. These indigenous teachings are becoming increasingly important. They can help to reconnect us more deeply with our souls. Our calling. They remind us of what is truly important. I am so grateful for that.

Yes, it was a day when I was ‘pictured’ with George Clooney and met the Qero. A real mixture.

In Beauty May You Walk.

Lots of love,


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