Fun With Cakes

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I had a wonderful time last Friday. I was an extra on an ad which extolled the deliciousness of a certain brand of cakes. Loads of us extras were in a room in a Dublin hotel. When we weren’t expressing (in a variety of ways) how wonderful the cakes were to camera we had some great chats. The fact that is was cake that brought us together pleased me. I genuinely like cakes. There is a cafe in Dublin called The Cake Cafe and it’s one of my favourite places for a cuppa.

I love the far ranging conversations that can occur with strangers when one is, theoretically, waiting around for something else to happen….to be ‘called’ for a shot etc. Spirituality, interior design, helpful insights into damp proofing, cakes and much more were discussed in a cosy, enjoyable way. It was, in a way, a ‘day out’. It was a bit weird and wonderful and also slightly boring in places…filming does tend to involve a lot of hanging around. But there is such a thing as therapeutic tedium. It was basically a day devoted to cake. (Many years ago I was a stand-in to Sinead Cusack on a film and that was also fun, though cake was not offered with such frequency.) Cakes also crop up in my novel ‘The Truth Club’.

‘Simple Pleasures’ are becoming more valued. I recently wrote an article about this subject. I talked with people who love cooking, storytelling, knitting and gardening. One person I interviewed is a fan of the website I haven’t knitted for ages. But I do feel tempted to buy some yarn and meet up with some of the pleasant sounding people who sit around knitting together in cafes…there might be cake there too!

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