Website, cake and countryside

Haven’t posted a new blog for a while because of various website technical thingys. This led to many a phone conversation along the lines of “You want me to press what? Yes I think I’ve found it. Is it the square or the round one? The round? It has a green dot in it, should it be there? Now you want me to go to the control panel. No, I don’t know what version of Windows I have. I told the guy I spoke to yesterday the colour of the flag thing. Can you tell what version of Windows you have by the flag? The weather has been very unsummery lately hasn’t it? Sorry…it takes a while for my computer to access the Internet at the moment. Yes I have cleared my cookies…not the digestive biscuits in my cupboard but I don’t think you meant them. Now you want me to unplug what? Do you mean the yellow cable?” etc etc etc.

Tramped around some very picturesque Irish country roads this morning looking for a very picturesque house. Weather had been sodden earlier. Was dressed in a big mac (not hamburger) and wellies. Thankfully it stopped raining when I was on my rambles. SO very grateful to the wonderfully kind man who eventually gave me a lift to lovely house where coffee and biscuits and great chat greeted me…and later a delicious lunch (including home-grown salad and elderflower cordial).

Had a large slice of lemon drizzle cake before I sat down at desk. “Accessed” Twitter and Facebook before I started to type this because they had sent various notifications. To tell the truth am not that wizzy at social media. I sometimes find it a bit intimidating. It’s sunny outside now and I still have my wellies on. I must put on some cosy fluffy socks. Very grateful for nice big mug of Chai tea.

Found some wonderfully cheap rugs in a market recently. Love colour and they are certainly colourful. Love a beautiful bargain!

Warm wishes and sparkles,

Grace x

‘I am a forty eight year old woman who loves books and I have read zillions in my life. My husband has never heard me laugh out loud as much or cried as I read “Ready Or Not?” It was a fabulous read and I am now an avid fan of yours. So sad when the book ended but ready for the next one. Wonderful and beautifully written.’ T. Lane

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