Philip Casey

Hi there. I’m a webpage novice. Probably should be encouraging you to buy my novels and telling you about great reviews, but I don’t feel like it just at the moment. It’s Saturday and I’ve just had apple pie, blueberries and cream with my writer friend Philip Casey who, by the way, has a fabulous new bathroom only it’s not called a bathroom because the bath has been taken out. It’s a ‘wet room’ and has a super dooper shower. His pal Dermot Bolger said he should bring in an armchair and plant a palm tree and retire there for the winter.

This is fun!

Philip actually designed this website for me based on WordPress.

At some point I must put links to various articles I’ve written on this site, including one about a Native American Vision Quest I went on in New Mexico – how I adore that red rock country which inspired some of the colours for this site.

Lots of love,

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  1. William Sherwood says:

    > Dear Bill,

    Lovely to hear from you! Yes, I did live in the old Rectory in Ballyorgan
    and Rev. Wynne-Jones was my lovely Dad. What a beautiful place it is. I
    remember very fondly trips to the local mountains that are covered in
    beautiful forests. We sometimes had picnics there. And as a little girl I
    loved that the small shop in the village sold marshmallow mice! After
    Ballyorgan we moved to the Rectory in Knockainey, another lovely rural
    place in County Limerick. I used to find dear Dad’s sermons very
    entertaining. THANKS so much for your email.

    Warmest wishes,

    Grace,hoping u get to reading this.Did u live in the old Rectory in Ballyorgan, Co, Limerik, as i knew a Rev.Wynne-Jones, as i was born in Kilfinane,1925.Best wishes wit your books. Bill Sherwood

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