Maybe Part of the Pleasure of Reading a Great Book is Wanting to get Back to it

Had a lovely walk by the sea last Saturday after tasty fish and chips, and a cappuccino, with a friend. The weather was balmy and there was a refreshing breeze. Rather like that kind of weather, it was pleasantly warm but it was not so sunny you felt you had to, somehow, rise to the occasion. So grateful a local charity shop recycles old clothes, I dropped off a bag of them en route to grub.

Wee patio garden is looking quite lush, sweet peas are getting taller and the honeysuckle is forming flower buds – it’s a feast for the bees when the buds open. Have a variety of seedlings – so exciting when they pop up! Pleased to notice there are lots of worms in the compost.

Watched a far from new, but very popular, movie last night. Was in the mood for nostalgia, and sweetness with an edge, so ‘The Notebook’ fitted the bill wonderfully. Reached for a hanky at the end.

I’ve borrowed Anne Tyler’s latest book, French Braid, from a pal and am loving it. Quite a wrench to put it down this morning and attend to the laundry and other chores. Maybe part of the pleasure of reading a great book is wanting to get back to it.

Did an online interview a while ago, if you feel like taking a peek at it click here.

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