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I had a tin of sardines for lunch because they are supposed to be good for you.

Only two chocolate biscuits left in kitchen!

Glad very big bumble bee has returned to garden.

Got around to framing two lovely samples of wallpaper yesterday…very basic and cheap frames but very pretty Farrow & Ball wallpaper.

I sunbathed in patio garden on Saturday…lots of colourful cushions, tea and weekend supplements.

I feel the need to take things somewhat slowly today…must write a long newsy blog sometime soon.

Very fond of ‘Escape To The Country’ tv programme. In a recent episode a sweet lady burst into tears when shown a particularly nice ancient barn…she and her husband wanted a restoration project.

I often do not know what to write on Twitter.

Waiting in queues is less boring if you take out a pen and paper and sketch people’s backs…have learned a lot about the slope of shoulders etc. Good for life drawing skills.

Very grateful to nice lady who tweeted that she loved ‘Ordinary Miracles’.

Love and sparkles,

Grace x

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