Small Is Beautiful at Christmas


There’s a lot to be said for keeping things simple at Christmas. For not buying into the ads that infer one should get a new conservatory, sitting room suite and ironing board etc. Much of the beauty of Christmas lies in its simple rituals. We need to reclaim its true meaning.

I would like to bake at least one cake over the festive season. And I really want to get some nice big candles. The Teddy I bought as a possible present is now on my desk. He’s wearing an Aran sweater and was a real “bargain”. I’m getting rather fond of him. He’s got Teddy ‘attitude’…in a good way.

I went to a fab concert given by Fionn Regan last Friday. It was in a venue called Vicar Street. Fionn is an immensely talented singer and songwriter. Google him on YouTube and you’re in for a treat.

I got my hair cut at a place that trains hairdressers recently…it’s part of a good quality chain of salons. At first I began to wonder if every snip would have to be measured by the supervisor. But then the trainee got into her stride. I like my new hairdo. It only cost €27.

Lots of love,


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