Pottering About and A Mysterious Plant

Some nice sunshine this morning, so did a bit of gardening. Glad that the lavender is still growing – regularly put fleece over it, and the geraniums, to shelter them from any frost. Potted up a small shiny leaved plant that found its way into a plastic container in the patio. I haven’t the foggiest about what the wee plant is, but it looks rather nice. Lightly pruned the lavender and have put some of the small, and deliciously scented, sprigs under a rug in the bedroom. Planted some sweet pea seeds – they are now in a repurposed container in the kitchen – and also sat for a while, with a cup of coffee, enjoying the sweet sun.

Pottering about is one of life’s pleasures!

Very glad I mooched around the patio earlier – it is now raining.

I’m a big fan of the ‘Bunk Bed’ podcasts – delightfully intimate and random, and available on BBC Sounds. (They were initially broadcast on BBC Radio 4.)

I did an interview a while ago, if you want to take a peek at it click here.

A kind friend popped by with some daffodils recently – delightful!

Warm wishes and chocolate,


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