Great Radio Programme

Have the kitchen door open – facing the patio – and there is quite a lot of blue in the sky. Nice, since there’s been a lot of rain lately. Dinner is on, nothing fancy. I think I may have added too much Chinese Five Spice to the fish.

Hope that WordPress allows me to publish the ‘featured image’ without cropping it so just a bit of it appears. The photo was taken by a friend on a very nice day out. It was one of those days you don’t expect to be sunny, and then it is – really put a spring in our steps. Purchases included a colourful array of socks- big fan of bright colours – and a bunch of bargain aromatherapy oils. How I love those scents!

Big fan of the Bunk Bed radio programme – you may have heard of it too? If you haven’t, it’s on BBC Radio 4. So quirky and intimate and honest, a delight. Well worth listening back to on BBC Sounds, or when it’s broadcast on Wednesdays at 11 p.m. Very cosy bedtime listening, and good for a chuckle.

Have to post the above mentioned featured image here because, yes, there was an issue with pixels and that sort of carry on.

Happy summer reading folks! Thanks for popping by.

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