Comfort Reading, Oscar Wilde, and a Walk in the Square

Big fan of creature comforts such as bright fluffy socks, cushiony couches and creamy cappuccinos, so was thrilled by this 5* review of The Truth Club on Amazon ‘…real comfort read to be read anywhere.’ To make the review even tastier the reader suggests having a cup of tea or coffee to hand when reading the book – and ‘a packet of chocolate biscuits’. Wonderful advice!

It is raining here today – not men, like in that song, but the ordinary wet stuff – so thought I would find a nice photo on that has a sort of sunny look to it. (Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay.)

Had a lovely, and sunny, stroll in Merrion Square, Dublin last Friday. It was just before a dental appointment so I was very grateful for the blossoms and spring flowers, a calming cornucopia of colours and shapes. Oscar Wilde’s former home is near one of the square’s entrances, it is one of Dublin’s many impressive Georgian buildings. Lingered outside it for a while with a slight sense of awe. Had his feet ascended those same stone steps?

I heard this joke on The Pat Kenny Show some weeks ago and it gave me a chuckle:

“I’ve just invented a word.”

“What is it?”


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