Painting and Secrets

Hi Folks,

Painted this wee picture quite a while ago (only part of the painting is shown here…I must find out a bit more about jpeg ‘uploads’). I was in a room with a bunch of people and we were attending one of the Irish Museum of Modern Art’s ‘Studio 10’ art gatherings. We had gone for an interesting ramble around one of the exhibitions and then we went to a studio and did some artwork. It was great, and sometimes messy, fun! The picture is very amateurish, but that doesn’t matter. What frolicsome fun it was to daub playfully, to experiment with colour…and sip tea and munch biscuits! The tea and biscuits were very important.

On the subject of art and artists, I’m a big fan of Grayson Perry who, as you may know, is a transvestite ceramicist and a Turner Prize winner. He loves ‘Alan Measles’, a teddy he’s had since childhood.

Here’s a link to an Irish Times article that was published some years ago. It’s about my fourth novel ‘The Truth Club’ and one of its main themes…secrets…

There are two sweet sunflowers in the patio and other pretty flowers…and some tea cloths put out to dry. Very grateful for the mild weather. I don’t have to wear so many jumpers!

Warm wishes and sparkles,


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