Girl Under a Tree

Tree love

Lovely sunny weather here recently….my wee patio garden looks quite lush and perky. Sat out re-reading ‘Paradise News’ by David Lodge for a while yesterday. Highly recommend that book, funny, humane and intimate. Put Factor 15 suncream on my face…wow, in April!

Have no biscuits left in house…

Was very grateful to find two slices of expensive chocolate cheesecake in Tesco the other day on bargain shelf. (Also a fan of the more virtuous rice cake. Why call it ‘cake’ though?)

I really wish local Lidl bothered to water their plants more often and have told them so. “Saved”…that is what it sometimes feels like…a lavender plant from the store and it is now beautifully aromatic and reminds me of Provence.

I have never visited Provence but want to…

Really like speaking French but am out of practice. Such a romantic and musical language! Tried to read Simone de Beauvoir’s memoir (in French) in late teens. I was in Brittany and in love…

Hope heavy patchwork coverlet (recently washed) dries quickly in the sun.

A brand new series of WIA starts tonight. Hilarious, savvy and as hot as hot desking. On BBC2 and fab!

‘Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love.’ Rumi

Warm wishes and sparkles,


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