Only saw these new covers today when I checked my emails, what a FAB surprise! Hadn’t even known they were in the offing. Thank you Accent Press!

They were particularly welcome this morning because of a blocked drain…such a sinking feeling when one notices something’s not quite right with the plumbing. Suspected I would have to invite the singing plumber round (he does a very good rendition of Bobby Darin’s ‘Honey’). Thankfully a friend has some drain rods and a special plunger. They worked, yippee! Gave her a new pair of fluffy socks as a thank you.

We really do need some fluffy socks in this weather.

Also good tv…

Very grateful for repeats of Poirot, Miss Marple, Foyle’s War and Endeavour on ITV3. Missed many of them the first time round.

I sometimes listen to a podcast during breakfast these days, today’s one was called ‘Aidan O’Brien – The Horse Whisper’ from 5 Live Sports Specials…not that gone on horse racing but I do so love horses and ponies. Podcast a pleasant change from Brexit befuddlement.

Recorded a podcast myself a while back podcast

Hope you like the new covers as much as I do!

Warm wishes, fluffy socks and chocolate,


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