Happy Easter

Have already eaten a good part of one Easter egg. It is a 70% cocoa solids one so could almost be described as virtuous…dark chocolate just doesn’t taste as naughty as Maltesers. (Have a Maltesers egg too…Yum Yum.) Lovely sunny day today. Spent part of the afternoon beachside with a pal. There is often quite a variety of dogs on the promenade. I sometimes have fun chats with their besotted owners. I am particularly fond of pugs. They can be so bouncy and genial.

On a more soulful theme…

When I was a very little girl I remember sitting in bed and singing the hymn ‘There Is A Green Hill Far Away’ because it was Easter. It is a poignant hymn and it made me cry. Poor Jesus. I felt so sorry for him. I wasn’t a particularly religious kid. But that night the crucifixion really got to me somehow. Mum arrived in the bedroom and found me sobbing about Jesus. And still managing to sing. Tears streaming down my face. My Dad was a clergyman. On Sunday he spoke eloquently about the Resurrection. I hope that I listened. However I was also thinking quite a bit about chocolate. And somehow I didn’t think Jesus would mind.

Happy Easter!

Warm wishes,


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