This morning I decided to bring my ‘light box’ down to the sitting room. It was in storage in a cupboard upstairs. I switched it on and now the room is much brighter. It mimics some of the effects of sunshine and it’s needed. The rain is bucketing down outside. More evidence of global warming it seems.

Must buy myself some plain white bread soon. For someone who tends to eat oatcakes, spelt etc. fibreless loaves are a great treat…and they make fab toast! Might also try to make bread and butter pudding. And it’s high time I did more painting. I got books about Cezanne and Matisse out of the library yesterday. Nice light large format paperbacks that you don’t have to heave onto your lap. I worked for a top class publisher in London many years ago. They published fabulous art books. And their production standards attracted folks like David Hockney. The company’s offices are in Bloomsbury and near the British Museum. That is a lovely part of London.

I’ve been re-reading a book I absolutely love. Seal Morning by Rowena Farre…it’s set in the Highlands of Scotland. Anyone who loves animals will really enjoy it.

Love and sparkles,


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