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It’s taking me a while to get used to having a website. In truth I could probably blog on for hours about a lovely trip to a County Wicklow beach last Friday…it was sunny and it was so nice to be out in nature. I felt a bit slow and dreamy and the birds, grass, sea and sun seemed to be humming such a beautiful tune! I was brought up in a rambling rectory in the wilds of the Irish countryside. My first great love affair was with a pony called Merrylegs. One of these days I would really like to write an article about Equine Facilitated Therapy. Yes, it does sound odd but it is becoming increasingly popular. It seems that horses and many other animals can greatly assist people in their healing.

Ah ha…I’ve just realised why I am sometimes a bit nervous about blogging. Part of me feels I should be telling you about my books, but in fact I am far more drawn to telling you about the ‘Wildlife Club’ I started as a girl with some friends. We said we wanted to help nature and our little proclamation was hidden in a gap in an old stone wall. However we seemed to spend a lot of time baking potatoes in a fire we lit in our little hideaway in the woods. Some years after that came the Jackie phase – like many teenagers I adored that magazine and, amongst other things, it made me experiment most enthusiastically with lurid blue eyeshadow. There was a programme about Jackie on the telly last night (Monday 9th). My goodness, I’d forgotten how gorgeous David Cassidy was in those days! They played snatches of his song ‘Could It Be Forever?’ I wished they’d played the whole thing. I even found myself surfing the Internet trying to find it and play it…but I am a novice at such matters. Really must learn how to find some of the songs I loved so much that are now rarely played on the radio. And maybe one of these days I’ll buy myself some Badedas bath oil again…as a teenager I loved the ad that said ‘Things happen after a Badedas bath…Perhaps it’s something to do with the horse chestnuts…’ Jasmine in ‘Ordinary Miracles’ has fond memories of Badedas too.

Some people have told me that they haven’t been able to find ‘Ordinary Miracles’ in some book shops. Hopefully this will be rectified soon but if you want to email me to let me know that you haven’t been able to find it in your local book shop you can email me at and I’ll forward your note to the relevant folks. The book is available on Amazon.

Anyway, I hope you had a lovely Easter and that you ate a little more chocolate than you should have.

Lots of love,

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