Flowers and Memories

The scent of hyacinths reminds me of a scratch and sniff postcard. The postcard was bought in Holland yonks ago. I was on a youth trip there and in my early teens. I posted the card to my parents – it featured a colourful profusion of flowers along with the scented sticker. I probably scratched and sniffed the sticker before posting the card, but it was when I got home that I truly appreciated the scent.

The aroma was new to me, seemed cheering, exotic. What’s more, it reminded me of an early taste of freedom, of setting off in my desert boots (very popular back then) and a somewhat elderly rucksack and sleeping bag. The foray was very low budget, and quite an adventure.

I still love the scent of hyacinths and get a kick out of seeing their flower buds open. The first delicious sniff of that scent evokes a big smile. It is just as I remember from all those years ago, undiminished and cheering, now familiar but still exotic.

Did an online interview a while ago, if you feel like taking a peek at it click here.

Photograph from Pixabay

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