Technical bafflement and a Podcast

So very grateful to the kind reviewers of my books, thank you!

There is sometimes a bit of a nip in the air these days, but it is sunny out at the moment. Have the washing on so hope it stays dry for a while!

Found myself involved in various technical issues lately, ‘new’ second hand computer and a router that had to be configured…or whatever the technical name for that sort of thing is. I spent a long and frequently baffling time getting instructions about it on the phone.

Purchased my small tv some years ago, bargain! I had a basic cable subscription that provided main UK tv channels and some others. Then I was informed that some favourite tv would soon not be available unless I got digital tv. Suspected my far from fancy telly would not be up to that sort of modernity. When the man from digital stuff provider marched busily, and briskly, into the house, I looked at him with some trepidation. Was somewhat alarmed when he started drilling some holes in walls. Offered tea (later accepted), and retreated to read jottings in a notebook.

It seemed my old television could go digital, very grateful! Loads of extra channels I don’t want to watch, but some that are a very welcome addition…Sky Arts and More 4 for example. Great fan of programmes about art and artists.

On another topic entirely, read ‘Vinegar Girl’ by Anne Tyler recently and found it thought-provoking and intriguing. She has such a masterful style! Loved ‘Mrs Palfrey at the Claremont’ on BBC Radio 4, such a poignant ‘Book At Bedtime’. Think it is available online.


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