Have been included in great website that features podcasts of Irish poetry and prose writers …interviews and readings.

In the interview I talk about my novels and the writing process. The interview took place by a cosy fire on a wintry day and it was great to meet Jho and Sinead and chat over tea. Also did some readings from my novels. And munched some digestive biscuits. Hope you enjoy the chat. There is lots of talk about love and relationships and the importance of a good giggle! And how, as a writer, I love to get underneath the masks that people wear.

Was given a book called ‘Horse Heaven’ by Jane Smiley years ago and it sat on a bookshelf looking plump and intriguing. I love horses and their exquisite vigour and sensitivity. However this book is about horse racing and I prefer a gentle trot through the countryside and little chats with my equine pals. Came across the book the other day while doing some dusting. It’s great! Jane has created a wonderful cast of characters and the horses are characters too. She writes about them with great insight and affection. And she describes their vulnerability, strength and beauty with thoroughbred skill and encourages us humans to show them more respect. My first love was a pony called Merrylegs. I know Jane would understand that.

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