Picnic and Sunshine

I had a lovely picnic in a friend’s big back garden yesterday. Amongst the treats were delicious black olives. Earlier in the day we’d sat near the sea and enjoyed some cuppas…I’d had a tasty cappuccino. The local Saturday market sells scrumptious ripe figs. We’ve had some hot and sunny days here recently. On Thursday I ate my lunch by a canal in Dublin. The lush greenery and water sparkling in the sunshine remined me of a river I loved when I was a little girl. It seemed like a magical place. I loved watching the little creatures who lived in it. And I adored paddling in it and playing around. Every so often I glimpsed a kingfisher. Seeing that flash of blue by the riverbank was so exciting. I mention that kingfisher in my novel ‘Ordinary Miracles’.

‘Ordinary Miracles’ has had some lovely mentions in ‘Writing Magazine’ recently (it’s the UK’s bestselling magazine about writing) including one in a ‘Good Practice’ article about popular women’s fiction. When a writing pal told me about the article I was thrilled.

Found a pure wool and very pretty pink cardigan in a charity shop recently…it is very cosy.

Love and sparkles,


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