Painting and drawing and doodles

I love painting and drawing and would like to make more time for it. I am very much an amateur at it but that’s fine! Sometimes it’s nice to approach something with a sense of playfulness. On occasion I have drawn quick sketches of people’s backs in queues. That can be quite touching actually. The hunch of a shoulder, the slope of an arm, the small and sometimes poignant details of our shared humanity. To draw an ear, however quickly, seems to require some tenderness towards the person the ear belongs to!

Doing quick drawings or doodles in cafes can also be very cheering and uplifting. Oh how many times I have drawn sunny places when it’s raining! I have a variety of dogs I like to draw too, and horses. In a city cafe one can feel transported to exotic climes with a quick scribble of a palm tree.

Speaking, or writing, of cafes…had a cappuccino in a cafe yesterday and then set forth for the library. Had some very pleasant chats there and borrowed Jay McInerney’s book ‘The Good Life’ from its shelves. Later, when I glanced in a mirror, I realised that I had been walking around with a smear of cocoa, or something similar, on my face (I like to add some cocoa powder to my frothy cuppa). Cappuccino frequently gets onto my face. Must check re. this more often when I leave a cafe!

Love and chocolate,


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