I’ve been reading ‘The Seeker’s Guide’ by Elizabeth Lesser and it’s great! She is very honest and refreshing. And she most insightful re. the very human side of spirituality. Somehow it reminds me of the M. Scott Peck quote: ‘Abandon the urge to simplify everything, to look for formulas and easy answers, and to begin to think multidimensionally, to glory in the mystery and paradoxes of life…to appreciate the fact that life is complex.’

On another topic entirely, I love free samples. And I got loads of free samples of skin cream today. After I’d bought some suntan type face powder I was given a little bag. It even included two pens!

Planted some Dahlia bulbs the other day. My little patio garden had lots of plants in it. And the robin who vists now seems to have a mate. (They may even have a nest in the honesuckle bush.) He loves tasty food. He sometimes chirps pretty loudly when he’s hungry.

Lots of love,


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