Goodness, it’s 6th February and this is my first blog of the New Year. Need to have some lunch soon. And put out more food for the birds in the garden. There are loads of plants around my kitchen sink at the moment. I’ve given them a watering and they are enjoying the winter sunshine.

A number of years ago I saw an otter on the banks of a local river. That was a thrill. There are lots of ducks there these days and one of them is rather exotic looking and clearly from elsewhere. Every so often I toss bits of bread into the river and they eat it with eager splashes.

I bought a beautiful piece of fabric in the January sales. It cost E40 and normally would have been around E190. It looks very fetching on a comfy chair in my kitchen.

Have just made myself a cup of coffee and added cinnamon to it. When I lived in California all the cafes seemed to smell of cinnamon and I really liked that spicy, sensual scent.

With lots of love and light,


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