Armchair, sea and cappuccino

I went for a lovely beachside walk in Greystones with some friends on Saturday. The ocean was…well just very pretty and very blue with picturesque and frothy white waves greeting the shore and that sort of thing. The sky was blue too and suddenly the afternoon very felt hot and sort of Mediterranean. Was very glad that I had not brought many jumpers with me. I am sometimes a many jumpered gal. Really enjoyed the longish stroll. Perhaps I even walked off the tasty shortbread and chocolate cookie I had eaten earlier. We had lunch at a lovely place in the town called The Happy Pear. Nourishing soup and wholesome bread and a cappuccino. Later bought a bargain wee table for €16 in a local shop.

Yesterday attended a very interesting workshop for people involved or interested in the film biz. Met some very talented directors and writers and during workshop I sat on nice big armchair. I am a great fan of comfy furniture. Boarding school was devoid of sofas etc. Feel very grateful towards nice sofas and armchairs. Bought two bargain cushions recently (half price). Very pretty. Creamy yellow with nice pink roses. Am also very fond of a cushion covering I brought in Greece some years ago. The social significance of soft furnishings should not be underestimated!

If you are in the mood for some quirky intimate humour there’s a podcast of me reading from ‘Ordinary Miracles’ on

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