Ordinary Miracles review: ‘She has an assured style and a wonderful insight into the separated lady’s lot…I couldn’t put it down. I literally read it from cover to cover.’ Muriel Bolger, ‘No Jacket Required’ RTE Radio One

Have joined Twitter. Didn’t think I would but I want to find out more about social media since it is clearly…well…very modern and that sort of thing.

Spent the weekend in a lovely old country house. I was on a Shamanic training course. The house reminded me of my childhood home. I often really miss the leafy eager secluded days I spent as a little girl in a rambling rectory with big grounds in County Limerick. The river and big lush fields that became as familiar to me as friends. I remember staring at a part of the river where stones gathered and formed a sweet small waterfall…sitting by it…putting my feet in the water…the cold clean splashy feel of it. Memorising the shapes and textures of the day. Wonder if I would have known that river as well if I had owned a laptop and had broadband.

Heard a wonderful interview with Leonard Cohen on the radio this morning….such wise delicious words.

Lots of love,


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