Ways to Pretend It’s Summer

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Here are some reviews for The Truth Club:

‘…..Grace Wynne-Jones has written an entertaining, intelligent and genuinely funny story….this is a great read, especially for commuters…guaranteed to shorten any journey.’ The Irish Times

‘It (’The Truth Club’) manages to achieve something that most chick ‘lit’ doesn’t. it makes you want to read past the half-way point. And most unusually, you even find yourself wanting to read right to the end, as opposed to finishing it out of a sense of tidiness, as you would the last biscuit on the plate…there are shades on an intense Anne Tyler novel about it, especially in Sally’s intimate assessment of her relationship with her husband, which is mature and insightful…If ‘The Truth Club’ were a dessert, it would be a tiramisu: multi-layered, and definitely substantial, with some surprising elements to it. Ultimately satisfying….’ Evening Herald

‘The terrain of ‘The Truth Club’ …is the fragility of the human heart, the conflicting loyalties that relationships bring, the choices that we make or simply fail to….a delicate exploration of being human.’ The Irish Examiner

‘…a novel which by turns had me laughing (aloud) entranced and, by the end a little bit wiser than I was at the beginning. In ‘The Truth Club’ Grace Wynne-Jones has produced a book in which the eclectic characters almost leap from the pages…the book also contains a perfect man, Nathaniel, who ‘almost always’ says the right thing….’ Ireland on Sunday

‘In the latest crop of chick-lit beach reads…Grace Wynne-Jones comes out top with her quirky new novel ‘The Truth Club’. Her characterisation is always amusing and the plot is delivered with warmth and a healthy sense of the ridiculous…it’s Ms Wynne-Jones’s cutesy sense of humour that makes this book so tasty.’ The Sunday Independent

The tinny music of an ice-cream van wafted into the house during late afternoon, even though it was raining at the time. I was in the process of doing various website thingys. Mainly adding some more articles to Grace’s articles. There are lots more to add.. Hope you may enjoy some of the jottings.

Here’s part of one of them. It’s about ways to pretend it’s summer (though of course we may need our sarongs again soon). I have updated the info about the cicadas!

* The right soundtrack is indispensable. Summer Breeze by the Isley Brothers is perfect and you can even get great tips from the lyrics. For example the line: ‘summer breeze/makes me feel fine/blowing through the jasmine in my mind’ can be re-enacted by putting jasmine oil in the aromatherapy burner and sitting five feet away from a fan heater.

* Visit clothes stores which, bless their cotton socks, are awash with sarongs and teensy weensy tops in summery colours which is proof that summer exists even if it’s currently elsewhere.

* Walk faster it induces a feeling of warmth.

* Taste summer by buying feta cheese and olives in the supermarket and always ask for a bit of flake in your ice-cream.

* Occasionally light the barbecue and burn a bit of meat out of nostalgia.

* Some adventurous outlets sell tin cicadas that ‘chirp’…
a sunny sound!

* Remember that the glass is either half empty or half full and after a bottle of red wine grown somewhere that may be too hot the climate improves almost instantly.

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