A very nice plumber did some work in my wee house yesterday and it turned out that he was an excellent singer! After chat about pipes and valves and the rather eccentric plumbing arrangements of some old houses I left him to it. Later on, when we had tea, he took out his phone and played me some songs he’d recorded…not professionally but for the fun of it.. I was mightily impressed and even sang along to some of them. I was very grateful for our soothing musical interlude. Truth to tell glimpsing him tearing out a very old appliance in the bathroom had been mildly alarming, though he was clearly a pro. Maybe more plumbers should be talented singers!

Warm wishes and sparkles,


This photo. is of part of my patio garden. I noticed from the file it was taken in 2011. Must get a digital camera and take some new pics!

Picture Patio 003

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