Midnight In Paris and the Sandwich

Went to see Woody Allen’s ‘Midnight In Paris’ the other day. It was an afternoon showing. Snuck into the cinema after the lights had gone down with a very large sandwich I’d just purchased. Was very hungry after a busy morning and realised I’d have to unwrap the sandwich real fast before the film started. The noise of the sandwich being unwrapped seemed to fill the entire cinema. Suspected that some of my fellow cinema goers wondered whether I was going to be the person with big packet of sweets in plastic bag. The plastic bag that sounded like thick rain on a tin roof every time she dipped her hand into it. Munched on my sandwich determinedly. Thankfully chomping did not make much noise and there was no-one sitting near me. I’d had the sort of dutiful somewhat complex week, with flurries of bureaucracy, that just makes you glad you are sitting down. Sitting down in a cinema. I haven’t been to a film on the big screen for quite a while. Sort of slumped there gratefully. And then the film started and I was transported to Paris. It was a fabulous, evocative film. Very much understood the main character’s sense of nostalgia for another era. Loved the humour and light touches. Fantastic acting. One of Woody Allen’s best. Didn’t even mind that I hadn’t bought a packet of Murray Mints beforehand. I savoured every moment of that film. And was very grateful I’d had a chance to eat my sandwich before it started.

Have only made some brief visits to Paris myself. In my teens, when visiting a boyfriend in France, spent a night in the waiting room of the Gare du Nord. Was awoken by a young man saying “Give me fire”. Realised he wanted me to light his cigarette. Was catching a train very early the next day. A station official asked me and another young woman to come into his office…we were somewhat doubtful about this until he gave us both a glass of Pastis. The last time I visited France I traveled home to Ireland via England. My trip on Eurostar was vastly enlivened by getting into conversation with a very pleasant young French man who told me about his large collection of spiders…I think he even had some in his luggage!

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