Masking tape, Christmas and a big turf fire

I don’t have a great relationship with Sellotape. I know that it is theoretically a useful product…but if I use it to wrap Christmas presents…that festive paper is usually pretty shiny and slithery anyway….the word ‘feck’ is often used along with other less moderate expletives. That’s why I used masking tape when I wrapped a present yesterday. (it needed to be posted to distant climes). If it sticks to itself you can tug it apart…the end of it doesn’t seem to disappear and it doesn’t require a dispenser…they have their own little foibles, like staplers and Tipp-ex. And it tears easily so you don’t need a scissors. It is not, however, that aesthetically pleasing. The bits of masking tape didn’t look that great on the parcel. This was a great excuse to buy a cheap wee book of glitzy and camp and pleasingly gaudy Christmassy stickers…oh the kindergarten pleasure of sticking them over the bits of tape!

We had yet another budget in Ireland this week. If you turn on the radio the odds of hearing the words “bankers”, “billions”, “debt”, “Eurozone” and “markets” are even more likely than before. Added to this, of course, is now the word “Christmas”. “It’s Christmas so…” many ads say. My favourite slogan of the year is ‘What would Jesus do?’

It has been pretty cold here lately. Lit a big turf fire the other day. Very toasty and cosy. Have become extremely fond of watching people buy antiques on television. Big bunch of reduced price flowers on mantelpiece and large lit candle in fireplace. A smallish statue of Buddha sits nearby with a little smile.

Love, sparkles and light,


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