Thank You R. Griffiths


I’ve just done a wee bit of surfing and found a super dooper review of ‘Ready Or Not?’ on Thank you for writing it R. Griffiths! I’m so pleased that you enjoyed the books. And yes, you’re right about certain themes. Windsurfing. budgies, biscuits and hands…. Actually I’ve just given some perky local ducks small pieces of a digestive biscuit. I had run out of white bread. They seemed to enjoy it. I went windsurfing once on an alternative holiday. Jasmine in Ordinary Miracles does that too. As for budgies, my Mum kept some once. But we never had one that said ‘bollocks’ like Cyril in ‘Wise Follies’. And hands can be so useful. For example I recently used mine to open a bar of chocolate.

Lots of love,


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