Rosie, the Adorable (and Wise) Pet Pig

So thrilled that my German publishers, Fischer, have come up with such a fabulous new cover for the German edition of ‘Ordinary Miracles’ (‘Rosie oder Die Angst vor der Liebe’). Book details here at a click (Sorry full picture of cover wouldn’t upload but it’s available on the link…Rosie’s ears look rather cute though!)Rosie, the pet pig, is an important character in the book, and an important role model for the human characters, especially Jasmine who’s found a fake diamond hair grip in her marital bed, and it isn’t hers!

Meanwhile sweet Rosie, who lives with laid-back and gorgeous Charlie, loves a nice back scratch…and watching ‘Coronation Street’. Yes, Rosie is sometimes allowed indoors!

I once had an adored pony called Merrylegs, he was given to me for free when I lived in a rambling rectory in the Irish countryside…and I once brought him indoors to watch a bit of telly. He looked like a chuffed kid allowed up way after bedtime! (My Mum and Dad were away shopping in a local town.) Then two men came to the door about something and I went to talk to them. It was an ordinary chat, so why were they looking so amazed?

Yes, Merrylegs had followed me, he was in the hallway!

I wonder if, or when, I’ll get a smartphone. Just have a basic wee Nokia thingy with a radio…like listening to upbeat songs on buses. Admire other people’s smartphones, but scared that I might get addicted to that shiny swiping, and take far too many photos. Enjoy taking photos so even a half-eaten croissant might seem like a photo opportunity.

I have become oddly fond of quiz shows, especially ‘Pointless’…like the urbane and witty Alexander and his tv pal, Richard. Also like ‘Eggheads’.

Must Google Giles and Mary from ‘Gogglebox’. Rather intrigued by them.

Warm wishes and sparkles,

Grace x

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