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I went to Dublin Zoo recently. I haven’t been there for decades. I had an appointment in Dublin and after it I wondered if I ‘should’ go home because I had various things to do. But no…I wanted to go to the zoo! I had fond childhood memories of it. I love animals and would far prefer them to be free. But the zoo has been transformed since I last visited it. Many of the animals now have large outdoor spaces to roam in and their homes look like tracts of countryside.

One of the sweetest zoo moments was sitting under a tree with a cappuccino and a Snickers bar. I just sat there and enjoyed the sunshine. I really needed that mini picnic! It was a lovely spring day. I didn’t feel under any obligation to visit all the animals. I visited the zoo in a light playful way. The penguins looked so cute. And some of them were cavorting. A lion was sitting in the sun looking rather majestic.

I love watching wildlife programmes about people who are helping to save the habitat of creatures great and small. To let them be wild and free. Some of them are so playful. Even when they are in a zoo.

If you want to watch some dolphins play Google

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