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Have decided that I will not make all my Christmas presents. Have also decided that I will not make all my Christmas cards. And not even knit the occasional Christmas decoration. It might as well be Helsinki here today. Frrreezing. Just staying warm is an endeavor in itself. But as least I am typing this blog which is good practice for my writing. I have not finished ‘The Artists’ Way’ yet. As far as I remember it says stuff about writing regularly. Now seriously tempted to turn off computer and check out if there is anything good on the radio. There is a lot of talk about how pretty the snow looks. And it is indeed very photogenic. However it’s been here for a while now. I thought I lived in a fairly temperate climate. Was thrilled when I noticed some slush yesterday as I trudged to the supermarket in my relatively new charity shop red shoes. Found myself buying a number of tinned items. Also bought some bargain chocolate biscuits.

I have just eaten chocolate biscuit.

I felt very virtuous the other day when I recorded the ‘notes to self’ I’d left around the place onto a small cassette recorder. However this means that I now have to type the list. Should make note ‘type the list’.

One of these days maybe I will get around to writing a novel. I have loads of notes about it. And nice quotes from other books such as ‘the night felt like cotton’. Don’t know where that quote comes from. I’d say it occurred somewhere warm. Would very much like to be on a Caribbean beach in a hammock. In the middle of last night there was a huge thunderclap. That was extremely weird. Really hope that it doesn’t start raining frogs. That happened in a great film called ‘Magnolia’. I like frogs actually. But I wouldn’t want loads of them heaped up on the pavement.

Poor little birdies out there in the snow. I have put some food out for them. Should probably also toss some sunflower seeds etc. around the park.

I had a minor hissy fit with sellotape in a hotel recently. Was trying to wrap presents that needed to be sent early. Find that sellotape can be rather moody and the bit that sticks out so that you can use it so often disappears into the rest of it. Even used a minor expletive fairly loudly. Coaxed myself with the wrapping with a cafe latte.

Saw a pug dog the other day going for a snowy walk and clearly enjoying him/herself. I love pugs. They are so eager and frisky. And they can be wonderfully wriggly.

Have added a slice of ginger to my tea.

Wonder if I should put socks over shoes if venturing outside.

I sometimes wonder whether it would be easier to write a novel if I dictated it into my small cassette recorder. The thing is I have only one tape and it has the list on it. So would have to type the list first. Or just get another tape.

If I did write a novel I wonder what I would wear to the launch. I have a very nice cerise jacket that I bought in Help The Aged.

There’s a lot of talk about ‘billions’ these days isn’t there? Was a time when million sounded huge. Now we have got used to billions. Though not quite in the way we wanted.

When finding cooking boring sometimes pretend I am Nigel Slater. He moves in a such an easeful way around his kitchen. And he reaches into the cupboards with gentle expertise. ‘Could this do with a dash of cumin?’ ‘And what about adding blueberries to the brown rice concoction?’ ‘How about reaching in a leisurely fashion for a sprig of rosemary?’ These are the types of questions that can sauce up a supper.

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